In the latest controversy surrounding nudity in Boulder, Robert and Catharine Pierce are considering the possibility of a lawsuit after their landlord threatened to force them to move out for wearing thongs (plus stripper’s pasties for Catharine) in their front-yard garden. That’s according to Boulder’s Daily Camera, which notes that neighbors complained to police that the couple, in their 50s, are offensive. But the Pierces are standing their ground. “We want our freedom,” Robert Pierce says. “We want exactly what the law gives you, and we don’t want to be harassed about it.” Indeed, police aren’t standing in the Pierces’ way, saying they don’t appear to have broken any laws. But Annie Mount of Boulder Housing Partners, the Pierces’ landlord, warned the couple that their lack of attire could be considered a “nuisance,” potential grounds for eviction. It’s the latest case to bring the issue of nudity to the fore in Boulder (via 5280). In recent months, 60 cyclists rode nude to protest oil, and participants in the annual Naked Pumpkin Run were ticketed for indecent exposure.