President Barack Obama was well-received by the American Medical Association yesterday as he made his case for the national reform of a health-care system that many critics, including many doctors, say is broken. But as The New York Times reported from the speech in Chicago, a fix seems beyond even Obama: At least one of the major plans being considered would cost at least $1 trillion over a decade and still leave “tens of millions of people uninsured.” Obama has said he wants all Americans to have access to health care, as lawmakers in Congress are now considering a range of options, from tax increases on soda-pop to spending cuts. The AMA seems, for the most part, to like what Obama proposed, while remaining skeptical, writes The Washington Post. Meanwhile, 9News traveled to Inner City, a place where four out of every five patients have no health insurance. When people have medical expenses they can’t afford, they have to make tough decisions, a spokesman for Inner City says: “People are waiting longer, until it’s acute or worse, before coming in to see a physician.”