The tiny city of Glendale may be making some big noise in celebration of the fact that rugby—which has yet to catch on in any major way in the United States—may be headed for the 2016 Olympics. International Olympic leaders selected golf and rugby as the next two sports that will be voted on by the full, 106-member International Olympic Committee in October, reports The Associated Press. The sports that were rejected—baseball, softball, and three others—may come as a surprise to most Americans, but rugby and golf are far more international than baseball and softball. Rugby’s relative obscurity prompted The New York Times in July to profile Glendale’s decision to become the first city to build an official rugby stadium. It’s unclear if the IOC’s looming decision on adding rugby to one of the world’s most storied athletic competitions will raise the profile of the small city, perhaps best known for its concentration of strip clubs and the traffic nightmare known as Colorado Boulevard. already calls Glendale the “Rugby Capital of Colorado” and recently announced the addition of a new Division II version of the Glendale Raptors rugby team. So next time you’re stuck in traffic on Colorado Boulevard, looking at Shotgun Willie’s limp shotgun, chew on the fact that you could be sitting in America’s next hub of Olympic activity.