The New York Times Wednesday reports that the White House is reaching out to introduce Judge Samuel Alito to moderate Democrats, including those in the “Gang of 14, ” even before he meets Senators on the Judiciary Committee.

Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) predicts there will not be grounds for a filibuster of Judge Alito. Colorado Senator Ken Salazar, on the other hand, says it is “premature” to rule out a filibuster:

“It certainly is a possibility,” Sen. Ken Salazar, a Colorado Democrat in the group, said.

“It may include some Republicans as well as Democrats,” Mr. Salazar said, criticizing the president for naming a man instead of a woman to succeed Justice O’Connor. “America deserves better than what we got here.”

Salazar is pro-choice and Alito — even according to his mother — is anti-abortion. Diversity and civil rights are also important to Salazar.

Alito has a 15 year paper trail as a federal judge.

I’m sure that Salazar will review Judge Alito’s record carefully and vote his conscience. When all is said and done, he may not be hanging with the Gang of 14 on this one.