Tim Tebow, perhaps the most celebrated third-string quarterback ever, may be too injured to make his home debut this weekend.

Suffering from what’s believed to be a rib injury that occurred during a bruising touchdown run last weekend in Cincinnati, Tebow left Broncos practice yesterday, and he could be out through Saturday’s game at Invesco Field against the Detroit Lions.

Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels will address the situation today at practice and may discuss when Tebow will return.

Fox Sports reports that the rib injury and any subsequent missed time could derail Tebow’s development, writing, “Tebow probably has the steepest learning curve of any top quarterback who was available for this year’s draft because of his poor footwork and inconsistent throwing mechanics.”

The Denver Post thinks the hit may teach Tebow that NFL players aren’t like the ones he dominated in college: Although he may be able to beat them to the goal line, the defenders will likely punish any quarterback bold enough to stay on his feet after a long run. Still, Tebow may have earned some respect from his teammates.

“That’s what you like about him,” says Broncos linebacker Mario Haggan. “There was no choice to be made—you go for pay dirt.”