In 2004, the state Supreme Court struck down a law that would have created a pilot program allowing students to take tax money they would receive at a public school and use it to help pay for an education at a private or religious school instead. But that hasn’t stopped school districts from flirting with the idea of vouchers over the years. Though none have created their own programs, the Douglas County School District’s board is the latest to explore the option in a two-day retreat that starts today. Public interest is very high, and district officials initially attempted to bar the public and media from the meeting room, providing an audio feed, but a challenge by the Colorado Press Association has changed that, reports The Denver Post.

Though the board is not expected to vote on vouchers until a meeting next Tuesday at the earliest, the retreat to explore what supporters call “school choice” is bound to be controversial. Speakers include Pam Benigno, of the libertarian-minded Independence Institute, charter-school director Gary Stueven, charter-school-handbook author Karin Piper, and others, writes Ed News Colorado.