A “large dome of very warm air” will settle over Colorado this week, perhaps pushing temperatures to the 90s–record highs–today and tomorrow, 9News reports, adding that those wispy-thin cirrus clouds are apparently useless for keeping the Front Range perfectly May-mild. Denver temperatures at this point in the month, after all, are typically in the 70s and a bit cooler in the mountains. But the warm weather, which began over the weekend, has led the National Weather Service to warn of possible flood warnings for several mountain rivers, including the Crystal River in Pitkin County, the Elk River near Steamboat Springs, and the Yampa River in Moffat County, according to The Denver Post. Of course, the weather forecasters could be off the mark, and that can mean a backlash for those who make predictions, as two climatologists from Colorado State University discovered in a Florida weather conference that touched on their 2009 hurricane predictions (via The Los Angeles Times).