Despite some kind of promotional relationship with that cute Esurance gal, the future of the Monolith festival is “very grim.” Those words come straight from the “Monolith team” that puts on the two-day indie-music festival at Red Rocks.

“A tough economic year and an opening day of chilling rain combined to put a serious dent in our humble operation,” the team writes in a note on Monolith’s Web site. “We have continued to pursue any and all options that would allow us to recover from this year and head into 2010 with full steam. At this point in time, we have been unable to secure any options.”

This year’s turnout seemed solid, as did the acts—which included the Mars Volta and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, among many others. But the outcome “unfortunately, seemed foreseeable, especially when organizers parted ways with AEG Live, the promoter who produced the 2008 installment of the festival and who opted out this year,” writes Westword.

There’s a glimmer of hope: The festival could go on if a new promoter who appreciates Monolith’s ear for great music can be found to provide the needed cash.