Vance Fulkerson, the former University of Northern Colorado drama professor accused of secretly videotaping students as they used his bathroom, was expected to plead guilty in Weld County yesterday as part of an agreement to avoid a trial. But Fulkerson’s defense attorney, Alexander Garlin, has requested a hearing delay until January 4, 2010. “We do not have a disposition at this time,” Garlin tells The Denver Post. “We have had discussions with the DA and we will respond to the DA in the very near future.” Fulkerson, who ran the musical theater department for almost two decades, has been formally charged with nine counts of misdemeanor sexual contact/peeping Tom, five felony counts of sexual exploitation of a child, and one felony count of sexual exploitation of children with possession of more than 20 images. He’s also facing a petty charge for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana. Meanwhile, UNC acted appropriately over the many years it received complaints about Fulkerson’s behavior, according to Mountain States Employers Council investigators (via 9News). “It appears earlier complaints about Professor Fulkerson were investigated and addressed by the School of Theatre Arts and Dance leadership (TAD) and that several of the TAD deans were not hesitant to take action,” reads the investigators’ report, which was released Monday. The report claims there was a perception that administrators took no action because administrators failed to inform those who complained of a resolution.