One thing that separates Denver International Airport from other international airports is that visitors can’t hop off a plane and onto a train that takes them to the heart of downtown. Not to mention, travelers have to leave the area if they want a hotel room. But now, a slow-moving plan to bring a FasTracks station and a Westin hotel to the DIA terminal’s south side is once again gaining steam, according to The Denver Post, which reports that city officials will be briefed later this week about progress and costs. Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava has been asked to integrate the hotel with the design of the FasTracks train station and a public plaza where travelers will make their connections. Meanwhile, the price of progress is a hassle in Lakewood, where some residents are complaining about FasTracks construction, including the noise. Resident Sophia Painter, for instance, has a long list of complaints, including that workers put a portable potty outside her home, according to CBS4.