The city of Boulder will long be dealing with the aftermath of the recent St. Patrick’s Day violence, when a crowd of about 500 people clashed with Boulder police on University Hill (Daily Camera). The most profound incident of last Thursday night was the slaying of University of New Hampshire football player Todd Walker, of Edwards, who stood up to an alleged gunman/thief and paid the ultimate price (Vail Daily). The suspect is 22-year-old Kevin McGregor of Longmont, who may be the first person in Boulder to face the death penalty in three decades (Camera).

The killing has sparked concerns from students who want to know why the city retired “blue light” emergency phones—even if they were often used by pranksters. “It scares me to death,” says one student. “We always walk in groups, but now that doesn’t even seem safe” (Camera).

Walker had been an accomplished high school athlete in Edwards, taking “all-state honors in football, hockey, track, and lacrosse” (Daily).