dia_airport_roof1 You wouldn’t have known the economy was struggling in July if you were judging from activity at Denver International Airport. More than 5.1 million passengers came through, marking the airport’s busiest month ever as the prior record, set exactly one year earlier, was edged out by 2.2 percent. That’s a spot of good news for an airport where overall passenger traffic and flights have declined in 2009, according to 7News. Avoiding tougher times at DIA is one reason officials for the city of Denver and state of Colorado will probably offer a package of incentives to Republic Airways Holdings, despite deep cuts to their own budgets. The aim of the deal, which is hushed but could include $1 million, is to salvage 250 jobs and perhaps attract 150 more after Republic acquires Frontier Airlines, reports the Denver Business Journal. There are signs traffic at the airport could continue to rise, including a growing number of Colorado ski resorts offering discount packages to tourists and even payment plans for season passes, writes USAToday. “What we’re finding is that people are still willing to find a way to make skiing happen this year,” says Colorado Ski Country USA spokeswoman Jennifer Rudolph. “So the planning is happening, yet they’re still looking for a deal at the same time.”