I hope that everyone understands why Kat will not be in attendance tonight.

Prior to today’s lovely weather pattern, I had four events on the schedule for this evening. I was hoping to make at least two of them (I’m doing well to hit a 50% attendance rate these days). But now, I’m looking out of my home office window and realizing — happily — that I work from home, my fridge is still well stocked from the two parties I hosted here last weekend, and that today is an ideal day to stay tucked inside with the fireplace a-crackling.

So much for my plans this evening. I have already extended my regrets to the folks at Denver Center Attractions; I was hoping to make the opening of All Shook Up, the new Elvis musical that kicks off tonight at the Buell.

And I won’t be making it to Tryst Lounge, where I had planned to pop in before the Buell for a quick hello during the annual holiday bash thrown by Tryst and Prey Nightlife. Nor will I make it by two house parties tonight; the parties are a joint venture thrown by a pair of wild-child gal pals of mine, and they usually start at one house and go caroling down the street (much to the surprise and confusion of the neighborhood) to the other’s house about halfway through the evening.

I imagine that no one will be surprised if most of us stay in tonight. And I won’t be at all surprised if most of these events are canceled or rescheduled. After all, today is all about playing hookey, staying home, and enjoying the snow day.