Despite losing the governor’s race back in November, Tom Tancredo hasn’t shied away from politics. Aside from hunting with 5280 staff writer Robert Sanchez, he’s also been working on Tea Party Radio for a Colorado Springs station and is commenting on the political power play in Wisconsin for WorldNetDaily. “In Obama’s America,” he writes, “public debt is as American as apple pie, and the bigger the pie, the better.”

His message caught the eye of longtime political reporter Lynn Bartels, who finds it hypocritical: Although the federal debt has risen since Obama took office two years ago, she points out, the president inherited two wars “paid for off the books with borrowed money”; Wall Street “run amok;” and “the beginning of a crash not seen since the Great Depression”—all of which she ties to legislation Tancredo voted for during his time in Congress prior to 2009. Tancredo fires back with a response, noting, “MOST of the rest of the what the federal government does is extraneous crap for which I did not vote. Hence a 98 percent lifetime rating by the American Conservative Union.”

Meanwhile, Britain’s Guardian quotes Tancredo at the top of an article about how conservative Republicans seem more willing to alienate Latino voters.