Whether it’s curling, ketchup chips, or publicly funded health care, Canadian ideas don’t always translate to the States. But throwing an ax at a wall between sips of beer? That’s something Americans can get behind. Within the past two years, the Canadian backyard pastime of tossing a hatchet at a wooden bull’s-eye target (like darts, but more dangerous) has grown into a popular bar sport. Chains like Bad Axe Throwing—a Canadian company—have recently been expanding operations across North America. This month, Bad Axe’s Denver location (one of six to open in the United States this year) hosts the local stop of the World Axe Throwing League Championships. As part of the global event, throwers will compete remotely in 15 locations in the United States, Canada, Ireland, and Brazil. The winner takes home $3,500 and a handmade wooden trophy. Of course, going home with all 10 fingers counts as a win too.