Jason discusses the use of the word “we” when referring to a sports team. I have no such hesitation tonight. Watching the game on TV, as I have all the playoff games, it’s impossible not to feel a part of it.

It’s a group effort and Denver and Colorado are part of the Rockies’ outstanding success. As are the great team players from Latin America. An extra kudos to the team managers or owners for having the foresight to send the scouts to woo them. It paid big dividends.

Denver even got a Rockies Road yesterday.

Denver mayor John Hickenlooper and Colorado governor Bill Ritter made it official Monday evening, renaming 21st St. as “Rockies Road” an hour before Colorado’s home team attempted a sweep of the visiting Diamondbacks in Game 4 of the National League Championship Series.

As I wrote on TalkLeft earlier where I got so caught up in the game I started live-blogging it,

The Rockies win. The crowd’s screaming. The team is going crazy. The Diamondbacks are just staring. There’s fireworks, I can see and hear them from my terrace a few miles away.

It’s the Purple Reign. Congratulations, Rockies!