I tried – twice – to get World Series for this weekend. I failed – twice – to come away with the prized ducats. I was frustrated at losing out in the malfunctioning online lottery, and I was certainly not alone.

One disgruntled Rockies fan has taken their disgust to eBay, selling a blank piece of paper that they “would have used” to print their tickets. Here’s what the seller writes in item description:

Now you can own a part of history. This blank sheet of 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch piece of high quality white HP paper is the EXACT same piece of paper I was going to use to print out my Colorado Rockies World Series Tickets.

Unfortunately, Rockies management, in conjuction with MLB computer experts, and the brain trust at California-based ticket software company Paciolan, kept us fans from actually being able to purchase tickets.

While this auction item may appear to be only a simple piece of paper, please know that it represents not only a solid five hours and 14 minutes of hitting the “refresh” button, it also symbolizes the hopes and dreams of Colorado baseball fans – hopes that were violently crushed by a worthless internet ticketing system.

Winning bidder will receive their non-ticket in the mail, and probably not in time before any actual World Series games are played.

Thanks for bidding, and thanks for nothing Rockies.