Congratulations to Colorado State University’s football team, which has accepted an invitation to play Navy in something called the Poinsettia Bowl on Dec. 22 in San Diego.

As a college football player, going to a bowl game is one of the ultimate achievements. But after you’ve graduated, do you put this on your resume?

Rose Bowl? Cool.

Poinsettia Bowl? Um, not so much. How will this look on a resume?

Colorado State University 2005
B.S. in Hotel & Restaurant Management

National Honor Society
Volunteer at Boys & Girls Club
Went to Poinsettia Bowl

Sure, it’s cool to go to a bowl game, but this one really needs a good explanation. Even if you do get the chance to explain that the Poinsettia Bowl wasn’t an arts & crafts club that you joined in college, nobody is going to believe you when you finally convince them that it was a bowl game.

So, you played football at CSU?

Why, yes, I did.

Did you ever play in a bowl game?

Yes, I played in the Poinsettia Bowl.

Sure thing, pal. And I played in the Toilet Bowl.

Congratulations again to Colorado State University, and good luck explaining this one to your friends.