Donna Yacklich was the second wife of deceased Pueblo detective Dennis Yacklich. She hired two kids to kill him back in 1985. Her battered-spouse defense was rejected. It had not been widely used before. She was sentenced to 40 years in prison, which she is now serving. Her case attained national prominence and was made into a TV movie. Ms. Yacklich would like to be paroled. The Parole Board rejected her request in 2003. She soon may have a better chance at it. It turns out that Dennis Yacklich’s first wife, who died in 1977, may have been the victim of foul play.

Two forensic pathologists contacted by 9News examined the autopsy results for DennisYaklich’s first wife Barbara. Both pathologists say she did not die of natural causes as was listed on the autopsy from 1977. They said she died from a blow or blunt trauma to the liver area.

Two new investigations have now been opened. One is state-wide, and includes local heavy-weights like retired Detective Lou Smit and Denver Police Lt. Jon Priest. Another investigation is being launched into the original coroner’s report.