Of all the watering holes I’ve visited the world over, none measure up to Yeah Baby…and that’s not because of the size of the pours there. The brand new spot on Walnut Street in RiNo is Colorado’s—and possibly the world’s—“first biodynamic gin palace, art gallery and disco.” And it’s only around for six months.

First, consider the lobby, which looks like it’s been lacquered with technicolor Fruit Stripe gum thanks to all the rainbow vinyl. Then there’s the fact that there’s really no bar at this bar; instead, white-clad servers stand at white iPad stations, ready to take your order, give you a number, and bring your beverages to you. By delivering its drinks, Yeah Baby avoids jostling patrons trying to flag down a bartender; everyone can spread out at the vintage tables (some made from old racquetball courts), sofas, and dance areas to marvel at local art from the Spectra Art Space and get their groove on to top DJs spinning disco tunes.

The menu is exclusively devoted to Caprock Spirits made at Hotchkiss’ Jack Rabbit Hill Farm. You may wonder for a second if you’ve wandered down the Alice’s rabbit hole when you see the teapot logo above the top four drink offerings. But these teapots for two—called Queen Anne’s Cups—are filled with something a tad stronger than Grandma’s brew. Think vodka and grapefruit mixed with chamomile for the “Chamomile Tea & Cacao,” or the “Stirring Moment” of gin, bitters, honey, and lemon.

If the “tea” presentation sounds a bit twee, there are also seven choices under the “London Fog” section of the menu, all served in regular barware. Highlights include a Hummingbird (vodka with jasmine, lemon, and honey syrup) and a tall, sparkling gin and tonic. The menu also offers brandies for sipping straight and CapRock bottles to go. Rotating food trucks parked outside provide eats to soak up all the booze.

“We’re building the campus of the future, and we’re doing it through alcohol, which seems to be a great avenue for Colorado,” says Yeah Baby founder Josh Sampson, the brainchild behind adjacent Booz Hall and the Big Wonderful Bazaar. By partnering with Lance Hanson of Caprock Spirits and Jack Rabbit Hill Farm, Sampson is able to introduce even more Denverites to the Hanson’s fantastic biodynamic spirits. “It’s literally farm to bottle,” Sampson says.

Serious booze aside, the goal of Yeah Baby is “Fun first, fun second, and fun third,” Sampson says. Get over there before the fun moves on.

2811 Walnut St.