Yoga is a deeply personal experience; for some, it’s an intense and challenging workout, for others, it’s a time to reconnect and get centered. No matter why you practice, one thing is clear: Not all yoga classes are created equal. Here are four options in the Denver-metro area to meet your individual needs and preferences.

For the First-Timer: Beginner’s Yoga at Kindness Collective

Yoga is meant to calm the mind, but attending your first class—or getting back into practice after a long hiatus—can be nerve-racking. This aptly named studio helps you get started with its Beginner Yoga Level 1. In this class for true beginners, yogis can feel comfortable asking questions and making plenty of mistakes. The class moves slowly so that you have time to absorb the new postures and breathing patterns. Sometimes, as you begin your exploration, some poses don’t come naturally—your instructor will be actively watching to ensure that you are properly aligned to help avoid injury and get the most out of your practice. Not only will you learn a great deal, but you’ll leave feeling accomplished, relaxed, and refreshed. Multiple locations;

For the Spiritual Seeker: Kundalini Yoga at Mudra Yoga Studio

Life can get busy, stressful, and on occasion, overwhelming, so it’s important to remember to take time for you. The Kundalini Yoga class at Mudra Yoga Studio empowers you by offering a soothing space to focus on your mind and body. Kundalini yoga is known as “the yoga of awareness,” emphasizing holistic healing and spiritual orientation. In addition to a section of active flow, each class includes breath-work, mudra, mantra, and meditation. Mudra Yoga Studio also holds Kundalini workshops in addition to regular meditation classes to aid in your spiritual journey. 1550 S. Pearl St.;

For When You Want to Take It Easy: Restorative Yoga at ONE Yoga

Injuries can make it difficult to keep up a consistent practice. Not only can restorative yoga help fill the void, but it can also aid in your recovery. ONE Yoga offers a Restorative Yoga class—a spin off of Yin Yoga—that emphasizes gentle stretching and breathing. During this class, your instructor will guide you through a sequence of mostly horizontal postures using bolsters, blocks, and blankets. The class moves slowly, allowing you to spend several minutes in each posture, giving your muscles time to heal. Injuries can be just as emotionally exhaustive as they are physically painful, and Restorative Yoga helps you to clear your mind as well, with ambient music, dim lighting, and an emphasis on breath. One Yoga also offers on-site acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic services to help you get back to feeling 100 percent. 8101 E. Belleview Ave.;

For When You Need a Lunch-Break Sweat: Hot Power Fusion at Core Power Yoga

Core Power Yoga is one of the largest chains of studios in the country, but it was founded here in Denver, which means that it offers lots of locations and classes. Sneak off to Hot Power Fusion during your lunch hour. This class combines the workout offered in their Power Yoga classes and the “cleanse” you get during hot yoga. Experts say that your spine shrinks around 15 mm during the day; if you are sitting at a desk, you can lose as many as 19 mm. The Hot Power Fusion class helps your spine to decompress, in addition to opening up your lower body. It also allows you to get in an intense workout, without leaving you too tired to finish your day. The 60-minute class ends with a brief period of meditation, putting you in a refreshed state of mind to complement your recharged body. And since you’re guaranteed to sweat, every Core Power location offers changing rooms with showers, vanities, private lockers, and basic personal care items, so you can look your best when you head back to work. Multiple locations;