Last summer, when gas was approximately $67 a gallon, I was close to listing my car on Craig’s List and tooling around Denver on a skateboard, Back to the Future-style.

Before I did that, I took a look at my life and how far I was driving to various places. And there was one blatant offender, which, in terms of driving and membership fees, was totaling nearly $200 a month.

It was my gym.

I had been happily driving out to Aurora every day for a great boxing gym. In my mind, if you find a gym you love, you drive to wherever it is and pay whatever the membership fee may be, because you’ve actually tricked yourself into working out on a regular basis.

After a morning of Googling, I discovered there was a rec center a few blocks from my then-job that cost under $15 a month. And they had a boxing room. I reallocated my $185 to my “booze/going out” line item and didn’t look back.

I know that people who love yoga feel the same loyalty to their discipline that I feel for boxing–except they wear cuter pants and tend to have calmer demeanors. So I was pleased to see CorePower Yoga offering a “stimulus package” of its own to yoga lovers who have lost their jobs.

Here’s the skinny: If you’ve lost your job and can provide continued proof by showing ’em your unemployment check, you’ll get a three-month, half-priced membership (regularly $130 a month, now $65), offered through December 31.

CorePower also offers 50 percent off one of their teacher training programs, which regularly runs $2,250 (ed: gasp) but is discounted to $1,125.