Just when you thought it was finally safe to step into a Tebow-less Denver, Tim’s older brother did something to put the family back in the city’s football-depressed mind.

Shortly after the Denver Broncos made an early playoff exit this past Sunday at home to the Baltimore Ravens, Peter Tebow took to his Twitter account and posted this:

Am I the only one in Denver who’s happy right now? —Peter Tebow (@PeterTebow) January 13, 2013

And he retweeted this:

That’s karma, Elway.–wife, Tebow-lover —Ted Spiker (@ProfSpiker) January 13, 2013

Of course, as all those Twitter disclaimers say, re-tweets aren’t endorsements. But it’s hard to think Tebow Inc. didn’t see that tweet and get all giddy.

As infuriating as those two posts might have been for Broncos fans, you have to give Tim’s brother credit. This might have been the first time in years a Tebow let his true feelings come through. Was it because of frustration over the former Denver quarterback’s dismissal following last year’s playoff run? Or was it because Tim hardly got to sniff the field on a New York Jets team led by an epically bad quarterback? Maybe it was a little of both. But, in truth, you can’t blame Peter Tebow if he has a little resentment toward the orange-and-blue. And you have to applaud a guy who has his brother’s back.

So does Denver have a new nemisis? Will Peter go all rogue and start blasting the Broncos’ official twitter site next season with “U mad, bro?” tweets?

My comment after the game was uncalled for. I may root for another team but I should never gloat about anyone’s misfortune. I’m truly sorry. —Peter Tebow (@petertebow) January 14, 2013

To new followers, I’m ususally not this controversial. Here’s what you can expect: quotes, bible verses and the occasional pun. —Peter Tebow (@petertebow) January 16, 2013