As the co-founder of Rare Finds Warehouse—a local furniture, decor, and architectural salvage business with an inventory of thousands of globally sourced pieces—Brad Grunewald is in the treasure-hunting business. So it’s little wonder his Aurora home is decorated with one-of-a-kind items he’s collected over decades of frequent travels. One of his favorite finds to date is a Burmese teak panel hand-carved into an intricate pattern of vines encircling a lotus flower. “Some of my favorite countries to explore and find treasures in are Thailand, Burma, and Cambodia,” he says. “I found this piece in the 1990s at a market on the banks of the Mekong River…it spoke to me as soon as I saw it.” In Southeast Asia, such decorative panels are typically installed on the ceilings of homes or temples, but Grunewald has made his the focal point of a wall in his living room, where it can be admired daily.