The Neighborhoods in District 7: This large swath of urban-meets-suburban sprawl in Southwest Denver includes Speer, West Wash Park, Baker, Platt Park, Athmar Park, and Ruby Hill (including the colloquially known Baker)

Who Lives There: With an average age of 39 years old, an average income of about $48,000, and a majority of white residents—71 percent—”Lucky District 7″ is fairly representative of the city’s overall makeup. About half of D7’s residents identify as Hispanic.

About the District: The mixed district has been the focus of myriad citywide mobility improvements, including creating more ADA pathways, increased bike and pedestrian safety and options, and bettering sidewalks (all of which is part of the city’s Vision Zero project). Though some of the district has easy access to public transit—such as the I-25 & Broadway light rail stop or Broadway’s many bus lines—other areas, like Athmar Park, are a public transit dead-zone (you can walk to the light rail, for example, but safe sidewalks are limited). The majority of these improvements are funded by the 2017 GO Bond, which also financed upgrades to the fire department, County Jail, and police districts. (You can read more District 7 Go Bond projects here.) Additionally, homelessness outreach via the Denver Street Outreach Collaborative continues to be a hotspot in District 7. Meanwhile, the budget for the Road Home has tripled since it launched in 2006, having just surpassed $2 billion.

You Might Remember When… A music festival called Grandoozy (the name was a real snooze, but the actual event could be called a big success) came to Overland Golf Course. The weekend-long festival, which could’ve been harnessed as a source of income, branding, and cool factor for both nearby neighborhoods and the city itself is not returning. Mystery remains, but City Councilman Jolon Clark is holding a “Grandoozy Community Meeting” on Wednesday, May 15 from 6 to 7 p.m.

Who’s Running

Jolon Clark, who was voted in as City Council president last summer, is running unopposed. He has represented District 7 since 2015.

Jerilyn Forsythe
Jerilyn Forsythe
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