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When it comes to living green, it’s easy to adopt an all-or-nothing attitude. Living in Colorado we’re surrounded by a landscape that reminds us of our need to conserve and protect our resources, but reaching a point where we feel our efforts are making a noticeable dent is difficult. Our homes are likely the biggest source of eco-impact we have, which means we’ve got to take a closer look at the structures we live in and the way they operate—and that’s where the overwhelmed, vaguely burdened feeling comes in. How do you tackle something so large?

The good news: Improving your home’s “green” factor doesn’t have to be an either/or scenario; middle ground is OK if that’s what you can achieve. Most of us can’t scrape and start over. So what’s the most critical change to make, and how much is enough? We’re often left with more questions than answers, stuck trying to begin.