The Rundown: Fort Collins–based Noisapp adjusts the music volume on your smartphone based on your movements. So you can crush a mogul field with Pretty Lights soundtracking your run and still hear about plans for the next destination when you skid to a stop.

How It Works: Noisapp uses the same GPS technology in your phone that Google Maps does to measure your speed. When you’re on the go, your tunes crank up. If you stop, they fade to a whisper.

Insider Tip: Choose the GPS mode if you are skiing or snowboarding. You can set a mile-per-hour threshold to determine when your music gets louder. The other option—sensitivity mode—simply boosts the volume when you start moving at all and shuts it down as soon as you stop, so it’s best for the treadmill.

Cost: Free, or $1.99 with no advertisements

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The Rundown: This London-born app made Denver its North American headquarters and incorporates terrain tips into downloadable satellite maps of ski resorts and backcountry areas. If you’re unsure about a run, Fatmap’s 3-D fly-through feature allows you to pre-ski the terrain to decide on the best line.

How It Works: Fatmap tapped resort staff and local skiers to embed everything from hidden runs to the best spot for an après beer in its maps. Currently, Fatmap offers maps for seven Colorado resorts.

Insider Tip: Connect with your pals through real-time location sharing so no one is left waiting at the lift.

Cost: $34.99 for a one-year subscription, but it’s worth it because the free version doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles, like where to find out-of-bounds stashes and avalanche risk information

No wifi? Fatmap’s intel can be downloaded offline before you hit the slopes.

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The Rundown: Copper Mountain’s Sherpa app tracks your skiing to recommend runs you might like.

How It Works:
Step 1: Open the app and identify yourself as either a beginning, intermediate, or advanced skier.
Step 2: Ski. Sherpa will record your speed and vertical feet skied.
Step 3: Sherpa spits out alternative choices for your next run. For example, if you sped down Ptarmigan (a blue groomer), the app might recommend Copperopolis for a similar trail, Leap Frog if you need a breather, or the black diamond Mine Dump if you’re ready to tackle something more difficult.

Insider Tip: If you don’t want to be inundated with trail recommendations throughout the day, set Sherpa to notify you only at certain times, like during your lunch break.

Cost: Free

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