Top Docs

We polled thousands of area physicians and compiled hundreds of names to create the Mile High City's definitive list of Denver's top doctors. Plus, we tell you the local medical trends that are changing the way hospitals care for you and your family.

October 2005

Since 1993, 5280 has been on an annual quest to bring you Denver's finest physicians-the best caregivers, the brainiest researchers, the ones at the forefront of modern medicine who hold our families' health and well-being in their hands. Every year we've worked to make this list more credible, more user-friendly, and more approachable. This time, we've made some notable changes in our story, such as using the American Board of Medical Specialties as a guide for our ballot, adding a frequently-asked-questions page, and giving you nearly 60 more docs from which to choose. We think these modifications make the Top Doctors list even more helpful in choosing your Denver-area doctor.

But change isn't relegated to just our list. Change is also affecting Denver's medical centers in a big way. In fact, you might say there's a revolution going on inside the walls of many local hospitals.