Modmarket’s Arugula Mozz wrap and Curry Split Pea Soup

Even gluten-free diners can enjoy a soup-and-sandwich lunch at this fresh, organic spot. The mozzarella, tomato, arugula, basil, and balsamic dressing come together in a warm Clarity Foods gluten-free wrap. Add a cup of the hearty curry split pea soup to complete this healthy meal.

Multiple locations,

Panzano’s Melanzane

This grilled eggplant, accompanied by a tangy pomodoro, creamy goat cheese, and balsamic vinegar reduction, is so pretty you won’t want to mess it up with your fork. But one bite in, you’ll be happy you did. Bonus: The house-made gluten-free crostini arrives warm and buttery.

909 17th St., 303-296-3525,

Parallel Seventeen’s Crispy Spring Rolls and Tofu Tacos

For a light lunch, order the veggie spring rolls with wood ear mushrooms, glass noodles, shredded cucumber, fresh herbs, and nuoc cham dipping sauce—they’re crispy and airy but full of flavor. Pair with the well-seasoned tofu tacos (pictured) with avocado mousse for a killer 1-2 punch.

1600 E. 17th Ave., 303-399-0988,

Root Down’s Organic Tofu Marsala

You won’t miss meat or gluten with this bright, flavorful dish of pan-fried tofu breaded in a lightly seasoned rice flour. It arrives with candied Brussels sprouts and a dried cherry-scallion risotto cake. Begin with an appetizer of sweet potato fries and finish with the seasonal fruit crumble for a delightful evening meal.

1600 W. 33rd Ave., 303-993-4200,