Best Bites

Sushi Sasa's Diablo Roll
June 2006

When we called Chef Wayne Conwell to discuss the diablo roll, we heard three times in a row (from the head waiter, the general manager, and then Conwell himself) that this devilish indulgence was by far Sasa's most popular roll. Spicy tuna and tuna tataki (seasoned and seared with garlic butter and spices) go together like foie gras and Sauternes, but we blame the creamy cube of avocado and the peppery slivers of radish, ginger, and Japanese pepper for rendering this roll addictive. At nearly $13, the diablo doesn't come cheap, but the ensemble is worth every penny—especially when Conwell switches out the ponzu for a jalapeño-touched, cilantro-citron-soy dipping sauce.

Sushi Sasa 2401 15th St., Suite 80, 303-433-7272