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Meet 11 of our 2007 Top Doctors.

October 2007

Dr. Mark Ebadi

Allergy & Immunology
Colorado Allergy and Asthma Centers, Aurora South, Rose—Private practice for four years

Colorado Statistic Colorado's incidence of asthma is significantly above the national rate. In fact, only 16 states report higher levels than Colorado.

"I don't think that the incidence of asthma in Colorado is higher because of pollution or altitude; I believe it is higher because the primary-care and emergency room physicians in this state do an incredible job screening for asthma and collaborating with specialists to optimize management and control. Asthma can sometimes be a very subtle disease, and is therefore frequently difficult to diagnose, especially in the pediatric population. In states with a lower asthma prevalence, I would venture to guess there are thousands of patients floating around who have been misdiagnosed with "chronic cough" or "recurrent bronchitis" when what they really have is asthma. Another thing to take into consideration is that while Colorado's incidence of asthma may be higher than the national rate, we are ranked among the lowest in terms of morbidity and mortality associated with this disease. This is likely because Colorado is heavily laden with asthma specialists, whereas nationally there is a gigantic shortage of specialists to identify and treat this increasingly prevalent disease."

Think Again "A common misperception is that asthma is a condition that stems from being out of shape, which also infers that patients with asthma could alter their disease by getting into shape. This is absolutely untrue. Asthma is a genetically inherited, chronic inflammatory disease of the airways, which patients are genetically predisposed to, despite how good or bad their physical conditioning is."

Best Health Advice "People frequently ask if they can control or cure their asthma by staying away from pollution, exercising more, or doing breathing exercises. While all these things are helpful, they alone will fall short of controlling asthma. The cornerstone of proper management is daily inhalation with an anti-inflammatory medication. I tell my patients they must take their medication every day, no matter how good they are feeling, the same way a diabetic takes insulin every day."