25 Best Restaurants 2013

After countless lunches and dinners, tens of thousands of calories, and hours of careful deliberation and debate, our fourth annual ranking of the Denver area’s best restaurants is complete. Dig in for a comprehensive, of-the-moment snapshot of the local dining scene.

October 2013

 20 Il Posto (last year 12)
There are few restaurants that embrace the four seasons as heartily as Il Posto. But it’s not only the food at this Italian restaurant; it’s also the space that morphs right along with the changes in the weather. On warm evenings, the garage doors that face 17th Avenue come up for a feeling that is positively alfresco. In the winter, the nearly all-white space takes on a snug, come-in-from-the-cold vibe in which tables pack together, the homey scent of slow-braised meats perfumes the air, and wine glasses cradle Italian reds. To keep current and inspired, Il Posto’s menu changes constantly. Unfortunately, the same swings can also be found in seasoning—sometimes there’s too much, sometimes there’s not enough. The same goes for the service. With a chef-owner as driven as Andrea Frizzi, there’s no excuse for dishes that leave the kitchen lacking his telltale precision. Likewise, Frizzi embodies effusive Italian hospitality, and it’s a shame when his servers don’t always share the same enthusiasm. 2011 E. 17th Ave., 303-394-0100, ilpostodenver.com