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Five essential items to keep in your car during winter.

December 2013

Slip and Slide
Winter driving instructor Bruce Davisson from the Center for Transportation Safety explains the three things that will help you in a skid. 

1. Don’t panic.  Suddenly jerking the steering wheel or slamming on the brakes could cause you to
completely lose control of the vehicle.

2. Ease off the gas.  Until you have control of the vehicle, you don’t want to speed up. And lay off the brakes: To steer your vehicle out of the skid, your tires need to be rolling.

3. Look where you want to go.  Using a firm grip, steadily steer in that direction. Driving instructors have started to phase out the phrase “steer into the skid” because it was commonly misinterpreted.
(It means to turn the car the same direction that the vehicle’s back wheels are sliding.)