Pinche Tacos

Readers are so smitten with the restaurant's street-style tacos and strong tequila drinks that a new Highland location opened to satisfy hungry devotees. (There is a second location at 3300 W. 32nd Ave., 720-502-4608.)

Socorro's Street Tacos

Too often, shredded meats are disagreeably dry—but not at this brightly painted hole-in-the-wall off South Broadway, where the menu's street tacos, not to mention the tortas (sandwiches) and burritos, have made us regulars. Our favorite: the extra-tender, spicy barbacoa served on two petite corn tortillas and topped with lettuce and pickled radishes. Pair your order-and tame the heat-with a glass of iced horchata (a creamy, cinnamon-spiced rice milk).

Margs Taco Bistro

We are certified addicts and regulars at the LoDo flagship. If we don’t get a warm, chewy, house-made tortilla fix at least once a week, depression sets in. (Thank God there’s a new Cherry Creek location for doubly easy access.) But it’s not just the tortillas that hooked us: The globally inspired fillings make your typical ground-meat-and-shredded-cheese concoction look simply pedestrian. Our go-to is the Belle, stuffed with meaty portobello, pico de gallo, cilantro, fresh guacamole, and a citrus-basil drizzle we would spoon out of the jar if they let us.

Pinche Tacos

We pine over Pinche’s queso a la plancha—street tacos stuffed with griddled Cotija cheese, avocado, and roasted tomatillo salsa. Beyond that, it’s hard to choose between the lengua (triple-cooked, crispy Colorado beef tongue) and the carnitas with tangy pickled red onions and avocado crema. Happily, the tacos coming off this truck are conveniently small, so you can order all three. Wash ’em down with a cool, crisp Mexican Coke. Locations vary, www.pinchetacos.com