Waffle Brothers 16th Street and Tremont Place, 16th and Arapahoe streets, and 17th and California streets

Waffles tend to fall low on my list of breakfast favorites. Most are one-dimensional and so crispy and airy that they taste only of the syrup doused on top. But Rod Dupen and John Power, owners of the Waffle Brothers carts, are doing everything right: Each made-to-order treat comes off the griddle chewy and doughy, and with the bonus of golden, caramelized edges. These waffles are so good (the secret is the sugar nibs mixed into the batter) they hardly need toppings. But since you can choose from a long list of fixings, including Nutella, shredded coconut, cranberry compote, and marshmallow cream cheese, why not? My favorite combo—cinnamon-sugar with fresh strawberries—has convinced me to rethink my morning eats list.