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—Photo courtesy of Peach Street Distillers

Happy Accident: Jackelope and Jenny Pear Gin

How an expensive mistake at Peach Street Distillers led to a cult favorite.

Late one night in 2009, Davy Lindig, a distiller at Peach Street Distillers in Palisade, was feverishly working on several batches of gin. In his haste, Lindig made what could have been a $70,000 mistake. The distillery’s Jack and Jenny Pear Eau De Vie and Jackelope Gin were in their distinct tanks waiting to be bottled, and Lindig, seeing the identical clear spirits, assumed they were the same and combined the two. Only afterward did he realize his blunder. Lindig called Rory Donovan, one of Peach Street’s founders, in the middle of the night. Donovan asked if Lindig had tasted the commingled spirits. He hadn’t—but when he did, he was pleasantly surprised, as was Donovan. And with that, the libation was christened Jackelope and Jenny Pear Gin (it was, after all, a marriage of sorts). The combo balances the pear’s earthy sweetness with the tangy, citrusy notes of the gin, and today, Peach Street sells about 4,000 bottles each year.

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