Standing at the fish counter at King Soopers, it’s hard to miss the rosy skin and bright white flesh of the Icelandic ocean perch fillets on display. But wait, is that a QR code on the sign? It is—and if you scan it with your smartphone’s camera, a link pops up directing you to Niceland Seafood’s website. There, you can learn all about that fish, from the name of the Icelandic boat that caught it (usually the morning before) to its sustainability rating to species-specific recipes. The info is courtesy of Niceland co-founder Oliver Luckett, who chose Denver for the company’s U.S. headquarters in 2018 thanks to direct flights from Reykjavík and the eco-friendly cultures of both places. Niceland’s local distribution partner, Seattle Fish Company, helps it get responsibly caught and farmed cod, haddock, Arctic char, and even wolffish to area restaurants and markets. And given that most fish in Colorado comes from elsewhere, knowing that ocean perch was sustainably sourced may make you feel better about the fact that it’s flown here.