Boredom may not be solely to blame for your mini home makeover mid-quarantine: Denverite Allie Sutterer theorizes some simply craved environs that felt more personal. “You want your home to be the place you feel most authentically yourself,” she says. Convinced antiques deliver more character than IKEA, Sutterer started Star Power Vintage, an Instagram account where she sells thrifted decor, in summer 2020. Sutterer isn’t the only secondhand curator to grow in the past year: Instagram store Here in Heaven opened up a shop in Capitol Hill in April, and RiNo’s Meek Vintage recently debuted a second location in Country Club. We asked the owners about styles making a resurgence so you can suss out which best suits you.

Art Deco

This style gained prominence during the Roaring ’20s and combines glitzy glam with modern, angular forms. Think geometric patterns; sunburst, zigzag, and stepped shapes; rich velvets and animal prints; and gold, mirror, marble, and lacquer finishes. Jay Gatsby would approve.
Find it at: Eron Johnson Antiques; Watson & Co.

Midcentury Modern

Born post–World War II, the form-follows-function approach marries no-frills materials (like wood, leather, acrylic, and plastic), shapes ranging from organic curves to light-on-their-feet peg legs, and smart bursts of bold color.
Find it at: Antiques, Etc.; Meek Vintage; Mod Livin’


Surprising patterns, saturated colors, and funky, abstract shapes meant to grab your attention characterize postmodernism. Although its heyday occurred from the 1970s to ’90s, those who love a good conversation piece still embrace the style.
Find it at: Here In Heaven Vintage; Star Power Vintage