In this month’s romance issue, Elbra Wedgeworth confesses a love for old-fashioned guys who bring flowers and pay for dinner. But there’s more than one way to her heart. Fantasy vacation: Cameroon in Africa. My ancestors on my mother’s side are from there. You’d never guess: In many ways, I am a shy person. I am a private person who lives a very public life. Nickname: Elbow. Celebrity crush: Sidney Poitier and Harry Belafonte. It was my wish growing up to marry either of them, and it still is!

Book she’s reading: Turn Away Thy Son: Little Rock, The Crisis that Shocked the Nation by Elizabeth Jacoway. Once in a life-time moment: Being a speaker at the Democratic National Convention the same day President Obama gave his party nomination acceptance speech. Guilty pleasure: At times, eating a snack of popcorn and Champagne. Biggest fear: To be honest, I try not to be very fearful of many things. In youth you learn, and with age you understand. I always try to be optimistic and strong. Send Elbra an e-mail via