A stroll through Colorado’s quaking aspens is a right of passage each fall. This year, dial up the experience with a mountain-worthy meal assembled from Tony’s Market in the Golden Triangle. The shop, which opened in June, is jammed with packable eats—including these favorites.

Portuguese Chicken
Each bite of these rustic chicken thighs and drumsticks—marinated for 48 hours in olive oil, fresh garlic, and lemon juice—tastes of sunshine. Grill the chicken at home before you leave town, or call Tony’s in advance and have it cooked for you. $3.59/pound

Antipasto Salad
San Francisco’s famed Buon Gusto salami is paired with olives, fresh broccoli, porcini, and crunchy green and red peppers for a healthy take on this classic Italian appetizer. $7.99/pound

Marinated Mozzarella
Fresh mozzarella packed in olive oil, sweet basil, and red pepper flakes makes a perfect snack when paired with slices of crusty French bread. $9.99/pound

Honey Lime Dip
Dip plump strawberries or shortbread cookies into this citrusy spread made of cream cheese, local honey, and lime. $8.99/pound

These old-fashioned Italian cookies bring a sweet, light end to an autumnal feast with the flavors of golden pine nuts and almond paste. Plan accordingly: No one will eat just one. $10.99/pound

Le Village Sparkling Sodas
Pick a favorite flavor—blood orange, berry lemonade, pomegranate—of these French sparklers to wash down the meal. $2.29-$4.79