Aerial yoga sounds more like theater than fitness. “People automatically think Cirque du Soleil,” says Keith Moore, general manager of Pura Vida Fitness and Spa, which began offering aerial yoga classes in March. But sometimes even diehard yogis get tired of doing the same ole downward-facing dog. Aerial—or “suspension”—yoga opens up new challenges by using silk supports hung from the ceiling that can be unfurled to the size of a hammock (for seated positions) or rolled up skinny like a sling (providing a crutch while you attempt a handstand, for instance). The gym’s curriculum, dubbed Volo yoga, features four courses designed for everything from deep relaxation to building core strength. And although the discipline has been in Colorado for a few years, Pura Vida’s 30 classes a week make it the city’s largest purveyor, an enviable distinction if this trend takes off.