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50 Urban Adventures You Must Try

You don’t have to drive far into the mountains for outdoor thrills. Try these 50 bona fide (and really fun!) escapades without leaving the Front Range.

5280 April 2015


Spring Fashion’s Bohemian Vibes

Nine ways to incorporate gypsy style into your wardrobe this season. 

Pain In The…

There’s no room for wimps in the Rockies. But just how much pain can Coloradans take—and what are the best ways to deal with it?


No Man’s Land

Twenty years ago, the state of Colorado granted José Espino-Paez a second chance. No one told him the federal government wouldn’t honor the same deal.



Fault Lines

Two avalanche deaths at Colorado ski resorts in 2012 are forcing powder hounds—and the state Supreme Court—to weigh the inherent risks of the sport.

Should Colorado Skiers Be Worried About Inbounds Avalanches?

Two avalanche deaths at Colorado ski resorts in 2012 are forcing powder hounds—and the state Supreme Court—to weigh the inherent risks of the sport.

The Colorado Springs Woman Atop the Rock Climbing World

Last year, Jes Meiris nearly became the first woman to solo climb the Nose on El Capitan in under 24 hours. Will she return this summer—or is it more courageous not to?

From the Editor

The Pain Chronicles

A letter from the editor of our April 2015 issue. 

Front Range

The World’s Fastest Drone Takes Flight In Colorado

A University of Colorado professor will test his supersonic UAV this spring.

The Scientific Evolution of Dance Pants

Denver-born futuristic athletic gear keeps professionals focused on their moves instead of bumps and bruises.

Carbon Mission

One of the world’s most innovative bike builders takes his newest ride to the streets—and the masses.

Get Involved: Amp the Cause’s Community Day

If ever there were a time for do-gooding, it’s April 25. Here’s why.

Regis Prescribes New Treatment For Its Ailing ‘Hood

The Denver university hopes to rebuild its community around healthy living. 

What’s In Your Lipstick?

True Good’s Elizabeth Wasserman fills us in on three of her favorite—and safe—body products.


5 New Young Adult Must-Reads

In honor of National School Library Month, Kristin McKeown, library coordinator at Centennial’s Eaglecrest High School—the 2014 National School Library Program of the Year—gives us her picks for new YA books.

By the Numbers: Game of Thrones

Aerial Yoga Takes Off In Denver

Pura Vida offers specially designed classes that will bolster your yoga routine.

Spring Training

Prepare for the season (softball, swimsuit, or whatever) by working out like the Rockies.

Eagle’s New Off-Road Sidewalks

One high-country dad turned his kids’ shortcuts to school into a lesson in trail-building.

Colorado Playgrounds Get Six-Figure Makeovers

Centennial State students and Great Outdoors Colorado team up to create perfect school playgrounds.

Denver’s Newest Library Honors Chicano Leader

The city’s new library is named after Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales, an iconic leader of the Chicano Civil Rights Movement. 

Pinball Reincarnated

Two Colorado artists bring the handmade movement to pinball.

Eat and Drink

Restaurant Stalwarts Take on the Burbs

Iconic eateries are expanding south—to great success.

Rare Beer, Courtesy of Crooked Stave

The Denver brewer steps into the beer-import game.

Lace Up, Chow Down

Six running groups that dish out (mostly free) grub.

Restaurant Review: Argyll Whisky Beer

The second act of Robert Thompson’s Argyll.

Don’t Miss: BrüFrou

The fest returns with the city’s best beer and food pairings. 

How To: Make Deviled Eggs

Don’t know what to do with your Easter eggs? Follow Brazen’s lead. 

Eat Cheap: Mayan Manjar Yucateco

Catch a sea breeze in Lakewood.


Colorado’s History of Failure

Uncovering the silver linings behind some of our state’s biggest blunders.

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