There has been no shortage of rumors about the Denver Broncos since coach Josh McDaniels came to town. Talk of trades and locker room drama have become almost commonplace, but the latest rumbling about the team is rather odd. Pro Football Talk writes that the Broncos are apparently available for sale—and that the bidder is none other than Stan Kroenke.

The Web site stresses it’s pure speculation that Kroenke—who claims a powerful sports empire that includes the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche, among other sports teams and businesses—is even interested in the Broncos. Kroenke has most recently made headlines for his efforts to make a bid for European soccer juggernaut Arsenal. In fact, he’s less than 20 shares away from the threshold that would require him to pony up some serious coin and offer to buy the entire team outright from the other shareholders.

Kroenke may be rich—worth an estimated $2 billion dollars—but even he may not have enough to buy Arsenal and the Denver Broncos at the same time.

Indeed, the Broncos are probably not even for sale, as The Huffington Post notes: Current owner Pat Bowlen says the sale rumors are false.

Meanwhile, the team has announced it will not be raising prices for season tickets next year. The Denver Post (free registration required) thinks the economy and the fact that Denver hasn’t made it to the playoffs in four years are the reasons. The team will be reducing prices for seats in the club level by roughly 21 percent. But that doesn’t mean games will be cheap. Single-game prices on season tickets will be between $77 to $110 in the lower bowl of the stadium and between $42 and $63 in the upper bowl.