Craft Lager, Upslope Brewing Company, Boulder

Style: American Pale Lager

Serving Type: 12-ounce can

ABV: 4.8 percent

Hoppy? Malty? Not a whole lot of either.

Reviewed: August 2015

I like to think there’s a beer for everyone—or rather, a beer for every situation. Case in point: On a recent camping trip near Bailey, when the sun hung high and strong in the air during a midday hike, I found myself craving something airy and easy, just like the elevated landscape I was immersed in; in less words, a lager. Luckily, someone in my crew lugged a sixer of Upslope’s Craft Lager with them. (Cheers to friends who come prepared.)

The aptly named creation is just that: a craft version of your favorite no-fuss beer. It pours a yellow-daisy hue with a slight head. Out of the can—my preferred drinking method for a light brew because the aluminum keeps the crisp beer even crisper—its taste is clean, doughy, and slightly earthy. It offers a medium mouthfeel, with just a hint of hops and malts. The Upslope production is a finely made and well-balanced American pale lager. It was also a thirst-quenching reward after a long hike—and later, the perfect companion to a campfire-cooked meal.

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The Ideal Drinker: A camper; craft-beer novice; or barbecue attendee who doesn’t want to fill up on beer before the good stuff comes off the grill.

Jerilyn Forsythe
Jerilyn Forsythe
Jerilyn Forsythe is a freelance writer and editor, and 5280's former digital associate editor. Follow her on Instagram or Twitter @jlforsyt.