One of our favorite daily rituals is reading the morning e-blast from The Boulder-based site’s savvy, snarky blurbs about the latest in healthy living (ladies, think DailyCandy for the mind-body-spirit set) never fail to delight. We asked BeThree’s leading ladies, Lindsay Yaw (bottom right) and Lauren Cook, for tips to survive the holidays, Colorado-style.

Avoid Holiday Hangover Hell
Was that you downing eggnog like water at the company party last night? Before you head to work and deny rumors of your karaoke stylings, perk up with a Boulder-made, antioxidant-rich Mix1 smoothie beverage ($1.99-$2.69).

Take 10 with Morning Zen
Your holiday to-do list rivals Santa’s. Don’t freak. Instead, treat yourself each morning to 10 minutes of Zen through an at-home yoga session with CorePower Yoga‘s On Demand Yoga ($14.95 per month), which streams video right to your laptop.

Beat the Chill
If you want to cozy up after shoveling the driveway, take a warm shower using Pangea‘s organic Malagasy Cinnamon Cassia With Cloves soap ($8). Made specifically to invigorate your mind and warm your body, the soap is cold-processed to keep its healing properties.

Don’t Just Layover and Standby
So your flight out of DIA got delayed—shocking. Don’t just sit there. Check out Airport Gyms for a list of fitness centers in or near domestic airports. You’ll have to pay a small fee ($5-$25), but being able to move the bod before crunch time in the middle seat on the red-eye? Priceless.

Relax with Superb Herbs
Stressed about last-minute shopping? Try White Dove‘s Emotional Rescue Herbal Elixir ($10.99). Handy, on-the-go single servings of an oat seed/St. John’s wort/chamomile blend naturally decrease anxiety, sans drowsiness.