It’s November, which means the sun is going down way too early. There’s no better time to come in from the cold and nurse the fall blues with a cocktail. And lately, one of our favorite spots to imbibe is Highland’s Zio Romolo‘s Alley Bar.

It’s called the “Alley Bar” because the space was once a working alleyway. Today, however, Zio is a narrow, shotgun-style space where you belly up to the bar because there’s not much room for anything else. Of course, this also means you’ll rub all kinds of elbows or end up chatting with a bartender. (If it’s Jaci, be sure to order a Justin’s Sweet Tea, a heady mix of honey-bourbon, Earl Grey, and simple syrup).

Zio is technically part of the Highland Pasquini’s—in fact, it’s named after Tony Pasquini’s favorite uncle. But the only reminder that you’re next door to the pizza point is the slices on Zio’s menu. We highly recommend you partake—and stop by on Sunday for the $4 slice served with PBR.

Zio is a newish bar (it opened in February), but the Art Deco design recalls a Cruise Room-esque, vintage feel—right down to the antique bar and dim red lighting. Because of this ultra-cool aesthetic, the watering hole appeals to hipster locals. To satisfy their palates, the drink menu is both refined and kitschy: Think sparkling white sangria with Chandon Rosé, along with Jell-O shots. Both of which make the cold-weather blahs a little more bearable. Zio Romolo’s Alley Bar, 2400 W. 32nd Ave., 303-477-0395