When the Centennial State’s medicinal marijuana business went from sticky to leafy to fully packed, it inspired legions of budding entrepreneurs to explore previously uncut frontiers of pun-y cleverness—ideas they hashed out, no doubt, in smoke-filled rooms. We thought it was time to peer through the haze and see which ones have cropped up most memorably. (Note: Given the industry’s hit-or-miss nature, some of these buzzes may have been killed by the time you read this.)

Medically Minded

  • Karmaceuticals
  • The Releaf Center
  • The Health Joint
  • Budding Health
  • Chronic Wellness

Only in Colorado

  • Cherry Creek High Expectations
  • A Mile High
  • Rocky Mountain High
  • Higher Elevation
  • Medical Products

Seemed Funny at the Time

  • Mr. Stinky’s
  • Antonio’s Ye Old Cannabis Shoppe
  • The Blueberry Twist
  • Daddy Fat Sacks

Puns and Idioms

  • Best Budz
  • Here We Grow
  • The Green Room
  • Friendly Fire
  • The Herban Center

Sort of Corporate

  • The Happiness Consultants
  • Dr. Reefer
  • Pot Pie LLC
  • Bud Med