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Top Doctors 2010

Our annual, must-have list, featuring more than 280 of Denver’s best physicians.

5280 October 2010

The Last Lean Americans

Colorado’s obesity rates are the lowest in the country—but are we really as healthy as we think? Plus: We surveyed 400 Coloradans about their everyday health habits to see how—and why—our state has stayed on the good side of skinny.

Top Doctors 2010

Our annual, must-have list, featuring more than 280 of Denver’s best physicians.

All That’s Left Is God

Born in the heart of the Bible Belt, the author found refuge on the Front Range after a series of traumas. Through it all, she was discovering who she was—as a daughter, a woman, a partner, and a mother. One woman’s journey to faith and family.

The Crash

Forty years ago, a plane slammed into the Rocky Mountains and killed 31 people. The rescue squad sent to find survivors was comprised of 18 teenagers, Colorado boys with something to prove to themselves and to one another. What they’d discover would haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Beyond the Lighted Stage

Now that it’s been saved from falling down, the historic Elitch Theatre awaits its next act. But will the curtain ever rise again?

The Case of the Gentleman Gambler

Grand Junction police think they’ve finally solved a years-old murder—if only they can get the alleged perpetrator back to Colorado to stand trial.

Art in Residence

A look at a revitalized factory.

Strength in Numbers

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Blazing Puns

Colorado’s medical marijuana shops achieve new highs in lowbrow, stoner wordplay.

Homegrown Tunes

Will a local teen be the next big sound out of Denver?

Block Partying

It’s time to get (re)acquainted with the eclectic sights, sounds, and flavors of Santa Fe Drive.


When logging in means checking out…and missing out.

Top Dogs

Denver’s head coaches are worth their weight in gold—except when they’re not.

Out There Guy

Adventure show host Ryan Van Duzer’s bid to get you off the couch.

Review: Argyll

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New on the Menu

Chef Lon Symensma debuts on the Denver scene with his first signature restaurant

Go Green

A dish that tastes precisely of the changing seasons.

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