I firmly believe a panini press can turn a mediocre sandwich into something sublime. But at Wafflich, a four-month-old spot in Berkeley, owner Benny Kaplan and his crew up the ante by grilling the lunch staple on waffle irons.

The eatery’s feel is Napoleon Dynamite–esque, with ’80s tunes, an orange and brown color palette, and Atari video games.

As I scanned the board’s list of simple, organic choices, the Yerfine with tofu, mushroom, onion, and avocado caught my attention. But I decided on the Marvin (Wafflich’s best-selling sandwich) with turkey, havarti, and avocado on sourdough. What sold me was the promise of the tangy yogurt honey-mustard dipping sauce.

The sandwich, sure enough, was quilted like a Belgian waffle. I picked it up, dipped a corner into the sauce, and took a bite. The bread was crispy and doughy like a waffle, with an interior that was warm and melty—and delicious. Before finishing my first bite, I began plotting my next visit (I’ll try the Yerfine next time). I topped off my meal with a float, a fizzy treat crafted with Sweet Action raspberry chip ice cream and Rocky Mountain Soda Company’s not-too-sweet blackberry soda.

I left full and content—and still believing that sandwiches are vastly improved by pressing. Perhaps best of all: I spent just $10.45. 4166 Tennyson St., 303-306-8650, wafflichworld.com



Turkey, havarti, avocado, honey mustard $5.95 Pastrami, sauerkraut, Swiss, Thousand Island $5.95 Burger, cheddar, pickles, ketchup $5.95 Tuna, banana peppers, Swiss, Caesar $5.95 French toast, banana, walnut, syrup $5.95 Breckenridge ice cream float $4.50