Scott Fliegelman knows what it takes to build an athlete. As the owner of Fastforward Sports—a Denver/Boulder-based endurance-sport training company—he coaches triathletes, marathoners, and cyclists to their peak performance, including managing their diets. Here, Fliegelman, who preaches a strict regimen of complex carbohydrates, protein, and fat, and three other local competitors offer insight into their training schedules and prerace eats.

Scott Fliegelman, 41
Owner, Fastforward Sports
Cyclist, triathlete

Workout Regimen Because training is his day job, Fliegelman usually gets in two medium workouts a day.
Eats Fliegelman’s race days always begin with low-fat yogurt, berries, granola, and flax seed.
Quick Tip If your race is 5K or less, skip breakfast altogether. Your body has enough stored energy from dinner the night before.

Bobby Stuckey, 40
Master sommelier/owner, Frasca Food and Wine
Former pro cyclist, marathoner

Workout Regimen Last year, while training for a marathon, he ran six out of seven days.
Eats During Stuckey’s pro years, eggs, beans, and tortillas were his foods of choice.
Quick Tip If you do the New York City Marathon, pack a breakfast. By the time you get to the starting line on Staten Island, you need to refuel.

Raili Filion, 38
Mother of three
2007 Team USA Triathlete

Workout Regimen Filion gets in six, one- to two-hour workouts a week.
Eats Two hours before each race, Filion has a half-bowl of Grape-Nuts with bananas, and a few sips of orange juice.
Quick Tip When traveling internationally for races, bring foods you know you won’t be able to find abroad. Filion packed Grape-Nuts for her 2007 race in Germany.

Justin Mock, 27
Senior accountant, MediaNews Group
2007 and 2008 Winner, Colfax Marathon

Workout Regimen Mock runs 100 miles a week.
Eats After a breakfast of wheat toast and OJ, he staves off midmorning hunger by drinking a banana smoothie.
Quick Tip For a balanced snack of carbs, protein, and fat, blend banana, nonfat milk, crushed ice cubes, peanut butter, honey, and Breyers vanilla ice cream.